Jean Avey T'ment 2017

The 2017 Jean Avey Tournament was played on Saturday, 27th May. It was played in the format of a "Round Robin" and, despite the recent scorching weather, the first five games were played in pouring rain. However, as is the case, once all players were soaked, the rain ceased and some of the bowls even found their target! George Ireland organised the game and, during the rest periods Marion Currie kept the players watered and fed. Light refreshments were served in the clubhouse at the end of the match. The winning triples were Tom Lamming, Elaine Cook and Brian Mustoo.

                             A well behaved???                                  President Charlie (rt) presenting the winners    
                   "dry" group (inside and outside)                          Tom Lamming/Elaine Cook/Brian Mustoo
                           before the downpour                                                     with the trophy