Gala Day 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 was GALA DAY at The Club. The theme was "Holidays" and members were asked to wear "holiday gear". This would be the only occasion when shorts would be considered appropriate dress code! Outfits included a range from summer, winter, (rather appropriate this year), working and "days gone by". It was encouraging that almost everyone had made an effort to enter into the spirit of the day.

The afternoon started with a Target Spider which was won by Davie Cameron. Then followed a regular game of Triples which was won by Joyce Henney, Barbara McIntosh and Robert Keenan. These winners received prizes and the "best" dressed lady and gent also received prizes. Consolation prizes of Largs rock were distributed to those brave enough to test their teeth!

Members were asked to donate food for the buffet which followed and the generosity of all members caused the table to overflow with goodies. So much so, that doggy bags were available for all.

      Robert/Joyce/Barbara                    President Charlie and 
            Winning Rink                            Davie, Target winner