Prize Giving Event 2018

DOUGLAS PARK BOWLING CLUB'S annual presentation of prizes was held in The Clubhouse on Friday 26 October 2018 at 7 p.m. President Charlie McIntosh took on the role of Master of Ceremonies and welcomed members and guests to the event and wished them an enjoyable evening. The Three Reasons once again catered for the event and provided an excellent three-course meal with  wide variety of choices for each course. The efficient and courteous staff provided excellent service. Following the meal President Charlie invited his wife, Barbara to present the trophies and prize money. Barbara was, in turn, presented with a bouquet. A raffle brought the activities to close and President Charlie said that he hoped that all had had a pleasant evening and looked forward to seeing them in 2019. 

l-r William Collins/Club Champion, Joyce Henney/Ladies' Champion, John Hillhouse/Gents' Champion 

Some of the prize winners clutching their silverware

Full list of prize winners: -



 Club Champion William Collins
 Gents' Champion John Hillhouse
 Ladies' Champion Joyce Henney
 Gents' Nominated Pairs Davie Cameron/John Hillhouse
 Ladies' Nominated Pairs Joyce Henney/Ella Chisholm
 Gents' Drawn Pairs  John Hillhouse/Jimmie Inglis
 Ladies' Drawn Pairs Joyce Henney/Hazel Gray
 Mixed Drawn Pairs Ella Chisholm/Davie Cameron 
 Gents' Triples William Collins/John Hillhouse/George Ireland
 Ladies' Triples Hazel Gray/Margaret Neil/Joan Ure
 Gents' Fours William Collins/Jim McCreadie/John Hillhouse/Hugh Williamson
 Gents' Aggregate William Collins
 Ladies' Aggregate  Joyce Henney
 The Simpson Cup Joyce Henney/Hugh Williamson